Bathing in Sound

We all know the power a song can have on our emotions and the ability for it to change our state of mind; yet how often do we appreciate the real potential and implications of the right frequencies?

Come and join us for an opportunity to bathe in the healing vibrations of beautiful ancient instruments and sounds, led by the talented Christian Jensen.

Christian has an affinity for music and a great passion for indigenous instruments. Buying his first didgeridoo in his late teens and has continued to collect ever since, including making beautiful didgeridoos out of Ash, Birch and Blackthorn wood; with a lot of love and care going into each and every creation. The didgeridoo is not the only instrument in his collection which also plays host to:  the Native American Flute, Hand Pan, Singing Bowls and many more. Having experienced Soundbaths at festivals, he found them to be grounding and relaxing; often cultivating deep and meditative journeys. Equipped with the knowledge of the profound effect that sound can have upon the Mind, Body and Soul, Christian uses these amazing instruments, to create a real and beautiful ‘Journey Through Sound’. This provides the gift of the energy and love of these sounds, as well as their healing and spiritual energy to all.

Sound Therapy and Sound Healing is recognised for the profound effect it can have on your wellbeing. Whether it be through the vibration that flows from the instruments through your aura or bio-field and on through your body, to the interaction and effect that sound has on the brainwaves. As well as enabling you to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, Christian will support you on a journey that will aid in the healing of your mind, body and soul, helping to return you to a positive state of health and wellbeing.

Friday 6th September       18:30 – 19:45


Christian is a Member of the Complementary medical association and has spent many years passionately immersed in music and creating healing experiences.

if you would like more information, have any questions or wish to discuss your needs in more detail please contact Christian:-                                                          Tel: 07849861713       

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