Exploring Tension & Trauma Release Exercises – TRE

“Weird and Wonderful – Wow!”

We all carry tension in our bodies. We all suffer from stress and anxiety at times. We all experience pain, sometimes for long periods.

This workshop invites you to try tremoring to dispel trapped energy that doesn’t serve you and integrate your life experiences, gradually, for health and healing.

*TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Release Exercises. Seven simple exercises trigger our natural stress release mechanism, promoting:

deep calm and relaxation

emotional resilience
improved sleep
greater flexibility
more energy

pain relief.

In this workshop you’ll be given the theory behind this gentle way to rebalance your nervous system. Then you’ll experience in practice how to start, stop and manage the shaking that is so healthy for EVERY body!

Rachael is a qualified TRE Provider with many years’ experience of teaching. She experienced a new calm and strength, together with significant migraine relief as a result of practising TRE. In people she has taught, Rachael has witnessed pain relief, greater embodiment, a reduction in blood pressure and many more benefits.

Come and try it: you may be surprised and you won’t be disappointed!

For more details, please visit Stressless TRE


Entry Points To Meditation by Jennifer Parr

Are you interested in meditation but not quite sure where to start?

Or do you want to deepen your experience?

The following has been put together to help you find an entry point. There are of course many more options but hopefully you’ll find this a helpful starting point.

Use the headings in bold to see what might suit you best. Many resources are free and will be highlighted with (FREE) behind it.

Do you have a smart phone?

Have a look at the Insight Timer app (FREE). This app has a timer for timing your own meditations with a pleasant range of bells to start and end with. The app also has very many guided meditations you can try. All of this for FREE! Teachers I would recommend bookmarking are the following (many have websites or books that are worth a look and some I will discuss below):

  • Vidyamala Burch
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Tara Brach
  • Shamash Alidina
  • Elisha Goldstein
  • Reggie Ray
  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Mark Williams
  • Joseph Goldstein
  • Melli O’Brien

Do you have a chronic condition?

Do check out Breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk. Founded by Vidyamala Burch. They run 8 week courses all across the UK.

Interested in Mindfulness?

The book ‘Mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world’ is great to start with. One of the authors is Mark Williams. The meditations in this book can be found online at franticworld.com (FREE).

In-depth but with an excellent sense of humor are the books by Ruby Wax. Her openness about depression is a breath of fresh air. Try ‘A mindfulness guide for the frazzled’ or ‘How to be human’. There are some talks available on YouTube (FREE).

Does Radical Self Acceptance speak to you?

Then Tara Brach is for you. (tarabrach.com). She has written some excellent and accessible books.  Her website has talks and meditations (FREE).

Would you like to explore a more Buddhist approach?

Tara Brach mentioned above is great for this.

If you have been to the meditation classes on at Leeds yoga you might be interested in exploring somatic meditation. Reggie Ray has written a number of books (Touching Enlightenment might be the most accessible of these). The websites (dharmaocean.org) offers some talks and guided meditation (FREE).

Pema Chodron has written some beautiful and accessible books. Visit pemachodronfoundation.org has all the information and has some talks as well (FREE).

Thich Nhat Hanh has written some lovely accessible books (visit plumvillage.org). Teachings are available on the website (FREE).

Do you have a scientific mind?

You will relish Rick Hanson’s neuroscience approach. Try the book ‘Buddha’s Brain: the practical neuroscience of happiness’.

Join Jennifer Parr on the last Saturday of the month 12.30pm to investigate some somatic meditations in the style of Reggie Ray. FREE to attend and open to ALL.

10 reasons why you should bring your kids to Sunday morning yoga by Charlotte.

Dear grownup, child carer, blog reader, and curious human,

Here’s a little list of things that I hope will convince you to set that alarm on a sunday morning, get the kids dressed, ready and out the door in time for yoga at 9:30.
Hear me out.

1- Let’s start with you.
How often do you find yourself craving that moment of quiet time? During kids yoga, this hour now, is for you. Once your children feel settled, you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires. Grab a coffee in one of the many coffee shops nearby, take a walk in the park across the road or read a book. If you want, of course, you can bring your own coffee and sit in the waiting room of the studio. The hour is yours… enjoy it!

2- Improvement to children’s wellbeing and mental health.

Classes aim to help children understand and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Through weekly practices, conversations, activities, games and breath work, we learn to recognise how we are feeling, and further bring our mind into a quieter, softer, more gentle place.

We spend time learning what it means to be kind to yourself and to others, practice listening to yourself and those around you, and learn how to channel energy in the body positively.

3- Improvement to a child’s physical health

As well as improving mindfulness, wellbeing and awareness of others, yoga also of course holds many physical benefits for children. We work and play through asana’s (postures) that build strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and posture.

4 – Harnessing your child’s creativity and imagination.

Class is a creative and playful space for children. We work through imagination, story telling, games and activities. Through the power of play, I create space for their confidence and imagination to thrive.

5- Discussion and exploration around health and wellbeing topics.

Each week, the class focuses on different themes. Sometimes we spend time thinking and talking about how to be kind. Other weeks we create the most gorgeous posters, talking about self love or generosity to others. In the past we’ve explored relaxation techniques, and what to do when you’re feeling angry, nervous or worried. Learning how to cope with such emotions young is great practice leading up to adolescent and adult life.

6- Channelling that Sunday morning energy.

Kids have a lot of energy, because let’s face it, they’re kids. What better way of using, channelling and burning some of that energy than in a yoga class. Yoga brings time for quiet, focus, and personal reflection- but don’t be fooled. We run around, smile, laugh and have all the fun too. Maybe your Sunday afternoon will feel that little less energetic because of it.

7- Bringing focus and intention for the week ahead.

Sunday marks the start of the new week. Each week, likewise in adult classes, children have the opportunity to reflect on the previous week and set intentions for the week ahead.

(Side note, four year olds set the cutest little intentions. Your heart would melt hearing them.)

8- Starting good habits young.

I think we could all aspire in one way or another to being a kind human, setting intentions and practising yoga.

9- Fun!

This point is pretty self explanatory. Whether the child comes through the door pouring bundles of energy or feeling a little nervous, after ten minutes (max, honestly!) I can assure that they will be sharing their smiles, laughs, and giggles with myself and the rest of the group.

10- The Leeds Yoga family.

I think the most rewarding thing for me personally, is seeing the joy that each and every child has towards their self and everybody around them in class. The group of children at Leeds Yoga are the most welcoming, caring, understanding and playful young humans. Whether your child is four years or twelve, the group will welcome your child in with wide arms and open hearts. We have a community of kind, compassionate and loving children growing at Leeds yoga, and we would love for you to join.

Hope to see you there,

Charlotte xx

Join Charlotte each Sunday at 9.30am for Kids Yoga Club!!!

Hyde Park Clean Up – Saturday 8th December – 10am-12pm

A cleanup of Hyde Park and the surrounding streets. This is a beautiful area that is in need of some love and attention. We will be meeting at a local cafe to start the day off right and then heading out for some quality community action. Join us at Big Depot after for a spot of climbing and a hearty get together.

Keep an eye on our social media / facebook for meeting place!


Meditation & Connection

Join our talented and insightful teachers Rosalind Arden and Jennifer Parr each fortnight for beautiful guided meditations; after which, there will be an opportunity to chat, chill and share snacks.

The meditations will draw on the somatic meditation practices of Reggie Ray, teacher of Meditating With The Body, emphasising an embodied approach to meditation. Practices will include lying down posture as well as sitting posture and are suitable for ALL including beginners.

There’s opportunity- if you have time- to stay and chat afterwards, perhaps share snacks etc.

This is a Pay As You Feel session, whatever you can afford.

We’d love to see you and welcome you to our community here at Leeds Yoga.

September 8/22, October 6/20, November 3/17 and December 1/15.

Book via MindBody app, our website or BOOK HERE.

Woodhouse Scar Clean Up & Climb – Saturday 25th August

This month’s commuinty clean up is at Woodhouse Scar, Halifax.

  • We begin at Rokt Climing Gym at 10.20am with a P.A.Y.F yoga class with Dave Kane.
  • Then we’ll meet at Woodhouse Scar at 12.30pm (you can just come for the clean up and climb without the yoga if you prefer).

The address is Woodhouse Scar (Cave Buttress), 2 Albert Promenade, Halifax, HX3 0HW.

Rokt address is Millroyd St, Brighouse, HD5 1EY (parking opposite).

Look forward to seeing you on the day! No booking needed but for more info please contact info@leedsyoga.com