Exploring Tension & Trauma Release Exercises – TRE

“Weird and Wonderful – Wow!”

We all carry tension in our bodies. We all suffer from stress and anxiety at times. We all experience pain, sometimes for long periods.

This workshop invites you to try tremoring to dispel trapped energy that doesn’t serve you and integrate your life experiences, gradually, for health and healing.

*TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Release Exercises. Seven simple exercises trigger our natural stress release mechanism, promoting:

deep calm and relaxation

emotional resilience
improved sleep
greater flexibility
more energy

pain relief.

In this workshop you’ll be given the theory behind this gentle way to rebalance your nervous system. Then you’ll experience in practice how to start, stop and manage the shaking that is so healthy for EVERY body!

Rachael is a qualified TRE Provider with many years’ experience of teaching. She experienced a new calm and strength, together with significant migraine relief as a result of practising TRE. In people she has taught, Rachael has witnessed pain relief, greater embodiment, a reduction in blood pressure and many more benefits.

Come and try it: you may be surprised and you won’t be disappointed!

For more details, please visit Stressless TRE


Beginner’s 6 Week Yoga Course starts 19th April 5.15pm.

Ideal for those starting their yoga journey, or wanting to brush up on the basics.

In the six week programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga and basic philosophy;
  • Explore the impact of the breath, it’s importance in your yoga practice and breathing practices (pranayama);
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.

The course will enable you to develop the confidence to join the weekly drop in classes and give you a firm foundation for your practice.

On completion of the course you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£50. Course starts on 19th April.
For more details email info@leedsyoga.com

Meet our new teacher Sophie Hutchinson

Sophie is a Hatha Yoga teacher as well as a contemporary dancer with professional training and experience in somatic practices.

The notion of curiosity is a key part of Sophie’s practice; the ever-changing body meeting the ever-changing world and all of those spaces in between! Sophie’s classes are based on a strong belief that Yoga is a highly physical and highly intelligent art – but most importantly, it is fun and can be also deeply relaxing.

Each class will invite you to explore and deepen your understanding of moving in coordination with the breath as a means to strengthen and stabilise the body on and off the mat. You can expect to be challenged physically but also soulfully in a safe, supportive and friendly space!

Sophie will be teaching the lunch classes every Friday at 12.15 & 13.15.

Beginner’s Yoga Workshop Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm

Join us for our beginner’s yoga workshop.
Ideal if you’re starting your yoga journey; in the 2hr programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga;
  • Explore the impact of breath and it’s importance in your yoga practice;
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.
The workshop will help you to develop the confidence to join our weekly drop in classes.
On completion of the workshop you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£20 for the workshop.
For more details email info@leedsyoga.com

Winter Yin / Yang Mini Retreat – Sunday 23rd December – 2-4.30pm.

Join us on Sunday 23rd December 2 – 4.15pm for a special Winter Yin / Yang Mini Retreat.
Press pause for a couple of hours before the busyness of Christmas begins with a wonderfully warming and energising heart opening vinyasa based practice with Michelle* and then savour an hour of candlelit Yin with Natalie** to moderate worry & stress (so prevalent at this time of year!) by working on the Stomach & Spleen meridians.
Open and warm the body with the support of two teachers to then move into stillness.
The session ends with a delicious and restorative guided relaxation with 4 spaces available for reiki to enhance the nourishing experience.
Includes tasty cake, winter treats and brews after the session ends.

Limited spots at £30 each and 4 spaces at £35 to include reiki during savasana.  BOOK HERE

Join Michelle and Natalie for a renewing and reviving retreat to ensure you’re grounded and prepared for the Christmas festivities ahead.
About the teachers:

*Michelle discovered yoga when travelling in New Zealand, journeyed to India to continue her studies and now teaches alignment focused Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga Fusion in Leeds. Her teaching draws on her advanced Vinyasa training with Jason Crandell and her own Ashtanga practice with Joey Miles. She is one of the directors at Leeds Yoga. Her aim is to facilitate her students personal enquiry while encouraging practice for longevity, mindfulness and self acceptance.

**Nat came to yoga through her time in law and above all understands the importance of self care. Nat promotes sustainable yoga so that it can be used in the everyday, on and off the mat and throughout a long and full life. Nat’s style has a strong focus on meditation and mindfulness, which complements her Yin Intensive training with Norman Blair.

End of Year Restorative Yoga with Gerry – Friday December 21st – 6.15-7.30pm

At the darkest coldest time of the year we are often depleted in many ways, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Gerry will invite you to rest in some longer supported poses to soften your muscles, let go of tension and come to a soothing place of quiet relaxation through the benefits of deep passive stretching.

Pranayama and breathing techniques, will give you deeper self awareness, restore harmony, open the body and rest your mind.



£10/8 concession rate also for those on Yoga Unlimited passes.

Book via Mindbody or in the studio if you’re using concession rate or are on Unlimited passes. 

Parking straight outside just £3 after 6pm.