End of Year Restorative Yoga with Gerry – Friday December 21st – 6.15-7.30pm

At the darkest coldest time of the year we are often depleted in many ways, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Gerry will invite you to rest in some longer supported poses to soften your muscles, let go of tension and come to a soothing place of quiet relaxation through the benefits of deep passive stretching.

Pranayama and breathing techniques, will give you deeper self awareness, restore harmony, open the body and rest your mind.



£10/8 concession rate also for those on Yoga Unlimited passes.

Book via Mindbody or in the studio if you’re using concession rate or are on Unlimited passes. 

Parking straight outside just £3 after 6pm.


Yoga:Focus – Shoulderstand – Saturday 27th October 12.30pm

Join Michelle once a month to develop specific postures, such as back bends and inversions, that you don’t always have time to flesh out in regular classes.

If you don’t know where to start, lack confidence, find restrictions or difficulty with this pose, Michelle will lead you through an alignment focused class aimed at developing and improving the focus pose.There will be ways to access and improve whatever your starting point.

This month we’re working with shoulderstand or salamba sarvangasana: start; develop or go beyond this asana.
“Any amount of the pose is still the pose” Jason Crandell

Drop in for £10 or use your class pass.

Floating Into Life – Arm Balance Workshop – Sunday 28th October 2-4pm

Join Sam to journey into Arm Balances:

At some point on our journey we are going to experience some discomfort, and though we can’t choose to avoid it we can make the choice as to how we frame it. What really is discomfort; if nothing more than something that is at the edge of what we have grown accustomed to. Through teasing the edges of that which is familiar we create space for us to grow into.

Join us for this afternoon of arm balances; designed to help unlock strength and move into the challenges of our body and mind. In this workshop we will go through techniques and activation drills to awaken the core and develop awareness. We shall include methods for successfully warming up the wrists and joints, to allow for greater support in our balances.

There will be space at the end for Q & A, along with a chance to receive guidance on balances you may be developing.

£20 (or £10 for those on Yoga Unlimited passes)


Beginner’s Yoga Course – November 2nd 2018 for 6 weeks

Ideal for those starting their yoga journey, or wanting to brush up on the basics.

In the six week programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga and basic philosophy;
  • Explore the impact of the breath, it’s importance in your yoga practice and breathing practices (pranayama);
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.

The course will enable you to develop the confidence to join the weekly drop in classes and give you a firm foundation for your practice.

On completion of the course you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£50. Course starts on 2nd November.
For more details email info@leedsyoga.com


Book Here

Meditation & Connection

Join our talented and insightful teachers Rosalind Arden and Jennifer Parr each fortnight for beautiful guided meditations; after which, there will be an opportunity to chat, chill and share snacks.

The meditations will draw on the somatic meditation practices of Reggie Ray, teacher of Meditating With The Body, emphasising an embodied approach to meditation. Practices will include lying down posture as well as sitting posture and are suitable for ALL including beginners.

There’s opportunity- if you have time- to stay and chat afterwards, perhaps share snacks etc.

This is a Pay As You Feel session, whatever you can afford.

We’d love to see you and welcome you to our community here at Leeds Yoga.

September 8/22, October 6/20, November 3/17 and December 1/15.

Book via MindBody app, our website or BOOK HERE.

Discover Backbends with Claire – Friday 19th October – 5.30-7.30pm

This workshop is perfect for beginners, improvers or anyone wanting to learn more about how to practice backbends safely and correctly.

Claire will help you look at the anatomy of backbends to understand why alignment and preparation are so important. You will then move on to a practice session to warm and open the hips, chest and shoulders. During the second part of the workshop you will move through a further practice sequence focusing on backbends. Claire will break the poses down, props will be on hand and you will work in pairs to ensure that you have the opportunity to fully explore the poses in a way that is accessible and feels appropriate for your body. You will finish with some deeply restorative poses and a long relaxing savasana.

You will leave the workshop feeling confident in how to practice backbending poses safely and with the correct alignment.

£20 book HERE or through MINDBODY

(£10 for those on Yoga Unlimited Passes- book in studio)