Perfect handstand powered by Plant Calisthenics

Join the Plant Calisthenics team for an informative, fun and explorative journey towards achieving a
confident handstand with quality form and technique.
Plant Calisthenics are a small group of specialised coaches, Yoga teachers, CrossFit coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists with a passion and desire to help individuals learn and understand the principles behind fundamental bodyweight movements such as Handstands, muscle ups and advanced mobility such as splits and back bending. Our coaches are multinational and have experience varying from high level professional football, lecturing In biomechanics, working with Olympic athletes and world champion rugby teams.
Plant Cali have run multiple workshops around the world stretching between the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Thailand and Bali. As of June this year Plant Cali have designed a new workshop format to celebrate the launch of their latest online course ‘Perfect Handstand’
Saturday 20th July 13:00 – 18:00    £50
The workshop will cover:
• Testing for adequate range of motion, and how to address if the tests are a fail.
• Understanding alignment with specific conditioning & postural balance work.
• Teaching the principles along with the progressions that we have found to bring the most success for the development of a free standing handstand.
• Understanding compression and spinal articulation for press to handstand.
• Practice of a variety of handstand holds such as split handstands, hollow backs, tuck handstands and lowers.
The workshop will be taught by multiple coaches so all ability levels are welcome. The workshop is predominantly physical based but during breaks for food and recovery they will be optional theory based lessons for example ‘exercise periodisation for Maximal results’, ‘The biomechanics and physiology of active and passive mobility’ and ‘the foundations of sports nutrition and performance psychology’. These lessons are aimed at improving your practice and understanding of the machine that is the human body, but to reiterate these are not mandatory if you’d prefer to nip away for a quick coffee.
Participants will also get access to our online private calisthenics group as well as discounts on our online courses. Certificates of attendance are available if requested.
Contact and follow the team online for more information.
Head on over to mindbody to ensure your place on this exciting and informative workshop.

Exploring Tension & Trauma Release Exercises – TRE

“Weird and Wonderful – Wow!”

We all carry tension in our bodies. We all suffer from stress and anxiety at times. We all experience pain, sometimes for long periods.

This workshop invites you to try tremoring to dispel trapped energy that doesn’t serve you and integrate your life experiences, gradually, for health and healing.

*TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Release Exercises. Seven simple exercises trigger our natural stress release mechanism, promoting:

deep calm and relaxation

emotional resilience
improved sleep
greater flexibility
more energy

pain relief.

In this workshop you’ll be given the theory behind this gentle way to rebalance your nervous system. Then you’ll experience in practice how to start, stop and manage the shaking that is so healthy for EVERY body!

Rachael is a qualified TRE Provider with many years’ experience of teaching. She experienced a new calm and strength, together with significant migraine relief as a result of practising TRE. In people she has taught, Rachael has witnessed pain relief, greater embodiment, a reduction in blood pressure and many more benefits.

Come and try it: you may be surprised and you won’t be disappointed!

For more details, please visit Stressless TRE


Explore Your Roots: A Family Constellation Workshop with Jenny- Sunday 16th June 1-6pm

Family constellation is a group work in which you can bring personal issues in a safe and supporting environment.

We all have been brought up with beliefs and burdens which belong to our parents and ancestors and yet we still carry them whether it is conscious or subconscious. It affects our emotions, our physical health and the way we relate to our own life. The goal of this workshop is for you to find who you are without your family drama and/or the traumatic experiences you had.

We usually start by clearing ancestors and their trauma including family secrets. We look at your family’s dynamic so we can bring up the real emotions sitting behind an issue and release them. You don’t need any experience to participate or know the issue or even your family.

Each person participates in most constellations by representing someone or something in need of a voice.
Here is a link to an article I wrote to understand a bit better what Family constellation is:

It is a difficult concept to grasp so if you have any queries or if you don’t feel comfortable in a group environment and would prefer an individual session, please contact me.

Herbal teas are provided. You can bring food as we take a few breaks and the workshop can be intense. Also bring warm socks and clothes because due to energies, the temperature in the room changes.

Note: to the people who already joined us, we changed venue and will be in Leeds city centre.

Please contact me for payment details to secure your place as an issue holder or representative. Cancellation less than 24 h will be charged 50% of the price.

Contact detail: Jenny- 07858 129 331.

Prices: £50/issue holder

If you have financial issues, please contact Jenny for special pricing.

Introduction to Ayurveda, Life Coaching and Yoga with Karen Nally – Sunday 12th May

Join Karen on this life changing journey of self discovery on her Introduction to Ayurveda, Life coaching and Yoga workshop.
You will practice 2 yoga classes- Vinyasa to improve strength, tone and stamina and hatha and restorative to relax. Karen also uses pranayama (breathing practices), mindful meditation and aromatherapy oils in every class to connect to body, mind and spirit.
We will delve deep into the basic principles of Ayurveda and you will be personally assessed to determine your Ayurvedic profile. You will take away a personalised Ayurvedic specific diet with life style recommendations. Following this holistic approach to health and wellbeing will bring immense changes in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
To complete the journey we will assess all segments of your life to gain a clearer picture of areas in your life you may need to improve and how implement change to become your higher self using one of the most popular life coaching tools.This workshop offers the opportunity to change your current perspective on diet nutrition and lifestyle by delving deep into yourself using traditional yogic methods.You will take away your own personal Ayurvedic nutrition and life coaching advice whilst enjoying the company of a great group of yogis.It is suitable for all levels whether you’re completely new to yoga or looking to expand your current knowledge.

3 hour workshop (please allow up to 4 if discussions take place).

Price £35 **

Who is Karen Nally?

Lead by yoga alliance registered yoga teacher and fitness expert Karen Nally with over 8 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry. Karen is a 500 hrs registered yoga teacher with a great passion for yoga, nutrition and wellbeing .
Karen has a diploma in Ayurveda and loves sharing her knowledge on the benefits of one of the worlds oldest know medical sciences .
Karen’s knowledge of yoga is vast as she has studied and taught a variety of styles such as: Kundalini, Vinyasa flow, hatha, vikasa, power, yin, restorative and creates her own unique mix of all styles in classes accessible to all yoga levels. She believes in ensuring each student’s yoga levels are managed by tailored yoga sequences and modifications especially for them.



Meet our new teacher Izzy Brittain

Izzy first discovered yoga by copying postures from a small orange book as a child.

After a varied journey through life, injury and experience, things eventually came full circle. Today Izzy is a playful and curious yoga teacher, dance artist and performance poet.

Through approaching yoga as a complete philosophy for health, she experiences the practice as a nourishing and ever-evolving home to return to. Deeply passionate about helping people to connect mind, body & breath, her creatively designed Hatha classes bring peace and presence to busy lives.

Focusing on alignment, fundamentals and flow to encourage greater freedom and awareness, sessions build to a dynamic practice, developing strength and resilience in body and mind. She is fascinated by discovering creative ways to re-pattern habits, reduce pain and promote healing for all.

Izzy feels that yoga offers a wonderful way to connect to life’s intelligence and return to our natural rhythm. She looks forward to sharing this with you!

Join her each Tuesday at 5.45pm for Dynamic Hatha.

Beginner’s 6 Week Yoga Course starts 19th April 5.15pm.

Ideal for those starting their yoga journey, or wanting to brush up on the basics.

In the six week programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga and basic philosophy;
  • Explore the impact of the breath, it’s importance in your yoga practice and breathing practices (pranayama);
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.

The course will enable you to develop the confidence to join the weekly drop in classes and give you a firm foundation for your practice.

On completion of the course you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£50. Course starts on 19th April.
For more details email