Shoulder Salvation Workshop – Sunday 17th June- 2-4pm

Our bodies need attention, care and a balanced approach to maintaining healthy function.
We all want to feel comfortable and free in our bodies don’t we?
If you sit at a desk, drive, work out or just feel tension in the shoulders come and explore ways to relieve chronic tension and just provide an antidote to modern living!

  • Explore anatomy of the shoulder joints (we have 4 on each side… 4!!)
  • Discover simple practices to add to your self care routine
  • Explore arm balances – options for all to work with

All levels welcome.
£20 Book Here 
(£10 for Yoga Mad Monthly students- pay in studio)

FREE Friday Night Yoga & Kirtan- 18th May 2018- 6.15-8pm

Join us for an evening of free yoga and musical meditation on Friday 18th May.

We’ll start with 45 minutes of yoga, open to all levels including beginners and then move on to Kirtan.

Kirtan is an ancient form of meditative chanting accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments. This uplifting meditation can help to clear the mind and will leave you feeling happy and stress-free 🙂

The event is free of charge but we would suggest a donation of £5 for those wishing to contribute. Please message us on Facebook or email to pre-book your space in the yoga class.

You are welcome to just attend the Kirtan if you cannot make it to the yoga.

Parking is available outside the studio and costs £3 after 6pm.

Hope to see you there!

March Newsletter

Good bye snow, hello spring 😀

We’ve made it through ‘The Beast From The East’ and i’m feeling positive that spring is finally on its way!

It’s my favourite season.

I love noticing the mornings getting lighter, shoots and greenery appearing. The classic spring flowers starting to bud and the days getting that little bit longer. It’s time to emerge from the darkness of winter and really embrace the joy of living.
Start the manifestation of all those seeds planted in the winter.

Seeds of intention.

Use your yoga practice as a place to recognise the subtle changes, as a place to find balance and a fertile ground for those seeds to grow.

March brings inspirational Jyoti for a beautiful women’s circle over four Fridays evenings and meditation and connection is back <3 come celebrate spring with us.

Womb Circle – Journey through Sisterhood
Starting Friday 9th March 7-9pm

4 weeks ~ 4 directions ~ 4 circles

Our womb journeying circle will meet every Friday evening for 28 days
We’ll work our way through the medicine circle over our time together, embodying the energy through our sacred womb space
Our circle begins in the direction of East, we will explore what it means to read more

44 pounds energy exchange for the 4 week programme
11 pounds deposit to secure you place- booking is essential- limited places. BOOK HERE
Contact Jyoti at // 07708012953

Meditation & Connection
Saturday 24th March

Join us for a guided meditation and then a chance to share food and conversation.
Bring a vegan dish to share (or cake…I will never say no to vegan cake!)

Please visit our social media channels to stay up to date with all the news.
See you on the mat.

Much love

Michelle, Sam and the Leeds Yoga team xXx

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A 7-Step Formula For Facing Your Fears (PS: You don’t have to be fearless!)

Original article Jason Crandell –

The idea of being fearless—on or off the yoga mat—doesn’t resonate with me. Neither does the notion of conquering my fears. I understand and appreciate these concepts, but they don’t feel realistic.

I’d rather change the narrative to this: Instead of trying to live a “fearless” life, I’m trying to live a life where I understand, manage, and respond to my fears with greater compassion and skill. I’m under no illusion that my fears will permanently go away. I am, however, optimistic that I can continue to get better at working through my fears so that they don’t unconsciously control my behavior.

I have countless fears, but I don’t live in fear. There’s a difference. Here’s a partial list: I’m afraid of bees (yep), I’m afraid of turbulence (sweaty palms from takeoff to touchdown), I’m afraid of bodies of water where I can’t see the ground, I’m afraid of losing my loved ones, I’m afraid of failure (hello, therapist), and I’m afraid that my style of teaching will become irrelevant or that teaching yoga will no longer be a viable livelihood for me.

I also get little twinges of fear when I practice deeper backbends like Kapotasana or when I’m getting dropped back into Urdhva Dhanurasana. File both of these under postures I’d rather be teaching than practicing. Fortunately for my wife, I’m not afraid of spiders.

The reason that I’m sharing all of this is because I witness so many students feeling guilty or ashamed when they practice postures that trigger experience fear in the classroom. When we’re afraid to acknowledge and feel our fears, it only makes things worse. Instead of trying to “fake it ‘til you make it” or stuff your fears, I invite you to use yoga room as the perfect place to witness your fears and become more skillful at working through them.

Here’s a step-by-step process for you to try:

1. Accept It
Remember that fear is a normal, natural part of the human psyche. Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty because you experience fear—everyone has fears except for psychopaths and you don’t want to be a psychopath, do you? Being ashamed of your fears will only inflate them and make you less able to manage them.

It can also lead to feelings of separation, as though you’re the only person in the room with fear and that something is wrong with you. You are never the only person with fear in the room and there is nothing wrong with you. Got it?

2. Demystify It
When you become fearful in your practice, try to drill down and identify what you’re actually afraid of. Let’s say you’re afraid of Handstand. Take another step and try to figure out the specific fear you’re experiencing, such as the fear of falling on your head. Being more objective with your fear will help you start to demystify it. This will begin to lessen the fear. Even more, it will identify the challenge that you’re trying to solve.

3. Ask For Help
Asking your teacher for help does two things: First, you take some of the pressure off of yourself. You reduce the burden that you’ve internalized. (And, no, you’re not adding to your teacher’s burden. This is what we’re here for.) Second, you actually get help when you ask for it! Your teacher might not know that you need a little extra support. When you ask for help, they can usually give you the physical and mental support that you need.

4. Breathe!
Lengthen your exhalations. Lengthening your exhalations will settle you, focus you, and soothe you. Once you’ve lengthened your exhalations, take an “Everything’s gonna be alright” breath. You know what I mean.

5. Use Support
The first wave of support should come from your teacher. Remember, you’re going to ask them for help, right? But, you may also benefit from using more props, like the wall, bolsters, and blankets. If you’re afraid of Handstand, stay at the wall without feeling guilty that you’re not in the middle of the room! If you’re afraid of falling on your face in Bakasana, put a bunch of blankets on the floor in front of you.

6.Don’t Stay Long
Don’t stay long in postures that scare you. Staying too long in stressful situations usually increases aversion. Try staying for a breath or two — it will give you confidence to know that you can do the pose. But if you know that you’re only going to do the pose for a couple of breaths, you’ll be much more willing to repeat it.

7. Rinse and Repeat
Repeat the postures that scare you—for brief periods and with proper support—more frequently. The longer you avoid postures that scare you, the bigger the aversion becomes. Instead, repeat the postures with adequate support as frequently as you can. This repeat exposure—and success in the postures—will help you reframe your relationship to your fear.

Launch Open Day-7th October- FREE yoga!

Hello and Welcome to Leeds Yoga!

Sam and I took over the studio at the beginning of September this year – an exciting but daunting project which is really fueled by our passion to make yoga an accessible practice for everyone! Our overall mission is to create a sanctuary in the heart of the city centre, which prioritises your well being and offers a wide variety of affordable classes to help you de-stress, unwind, develop a quieter mind and find more freedom in you body.


To celebrate our take-over and showcase what we have on offer, on Saturday 7th October, we will be offering FREE yoga sessions and FREE food for anyone lucky enough to get a spot. There are exclusive discounted class passes for any new students purchasing on the day.

After each 45 minute session, you can enjoy some delicious vegan food & drinks with Sam and I and our wonderful teachers.

10-12 Yoga 1 with Sam
12-2 Ashtanga Fusion with Alex
2-4 Yoga 1 with Michelle
4-6 Partner Yoga with Gerry

Book now, limited spaces available!


On the countdown to our launch event, we are starting an Instagram and Facebook competition which will give you a chance to WIN one month’s free yoga, clothing from @soweflow, jewellery from @upsydaisycraft, a 1-2-1 class with Sam and a yoga mat!

All you have to do is post a picture of you doing yoga somewhere weird and wonderful, tag our Facebook and/or Instagram account, tag a friend or two and include the hashtag #LeedsYogaCountdown.

Follow our socials below to stay up to date with the competition!

Local Business Corporate Discount

We offer corporate discounts to local business in Leeds, corporate discount passes cannot be purchased online so if you would like your staff to benefit please email us  for full details and to register your company and employees with Leeds Yoga.

For more information or to speak to us about which class is right for you, please visit our website.

Much love Michelle, Sam and Leeds Yoga Team xXx