Meet our new teacher Izzy Brittain

Izzy first discovered yoga by copying postures from a small orange book as a child.

After a varied journey through life, injury and experience, things eventually came full circle. Today Izzy is a playful and curious yoga teacher, dance artist and performance poet.

Through approaching yoga as a complete philosophy for health, she experiences the practice as a nourishing and ever-evolving home to return to. Deeply passionate about helping people to connect mind, body & breath, her creatively designed Hatha classes bring peace and presence to busy lives.

Focusing on alignment, fundamentals and flow to encourage greater freedom and awareness, sessions build to a dynamic practice, developing strength and resilience in body and mind. She is fascinated by discovering creative ways to re-pattern habits, reduce pain and promote healing for all.

Izzy feels that yoga offers a wonderful way to connect to life’s intelligence and return to our natural rhythm. She looks forward to sharing this with you!

Join her each Tuesday at 5.45pm for Dynamic Hatha.

Beginner’s 6 Week Yoga Course starts 19th April 5.15pm.

Ideal for those starting their yoga journey, or wanting to brush up on the basics.

In the six week programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga and basic philosophy;
  • Explore the impact of the breath, it’s importance in your yoga practice and breathing practices (pranayama);
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.

The course will enable you to develop the confidence to join the weekly drop in classes and give you a firm foundation for your practice.

On completion of the course you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£50. Course starts on 19th April.
For more details email

Meet our new teacher Sophie Hutchinson

Sophie is a Hatha Yoga teacher as well as a contemporary dancer with professional training and experience in somatic practices.

The notion of curiosity is a key part of Sophie’s practice; the ever-changing body meeting the ever-changing world and all of those spaces in between! Sophie’s classes are based on a strong belief that Yoga is a highly physical and highly intelligent art – but most importantly, it is fun and can be also deeply relaxing.

Each class will invite you to explore and deepen your understanding of moving in coordination with the breath as a means to strengthen and stabilise the body on and off the mat. You can expect to be challenged physically but also soulfully in a safe, supportive and friendly space!

Sophie will be teaching the lunch classes every Friday at 12.15 & 13.15.

10 reasons why you should bring your kids to Sunday morning yoga by Charlotte.

Dear grownup, child carer, blog reader, and curious human,

Here’s a little list of things that I hope will convince you to set that alarm on a sunday morning, get the kids dressed, ready and out the door in time for yoga at 9:30.
Hear me out.

1- Let’s start with you.
How often do you find yourself craving that moment of quiet time? During kids yoga, this hour now, is for you. Once your children feel settled, you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires. Grab a coffee in one of the many coffee shops nearby, take a walk in the park across the road or read a book. If you want, of course, you can bring your own coffee and sit in the waiting room of the studio. The hour is yours… enjoy it!

2- Improvement to children’s wellbeing and mental health.

Classes aim to help children understand and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Through weekly practices, conversations, activities, games and breath work, we learn to recognise how we are feeling, and further bring our mind into a quieter, softer, more gentle place.

We spend time learning what it means to be kind to yourself and to others, practice listening to yourself and those around you, and learn how to channel energy in the body positively.

3- Improvement to a child’s physical health

As well as improving mindfulness, wellbeing and awareness of others, yoga also of course holds many physical benefits for children. We work and play through asana’s (postures) that build strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and posture.

4 – Harnessing your child’s creativity and imagination.

Class is a creative and playful space for children. We work through imagination, story telling, games and activities. Through the power of play, I create space for their confidence and imagination to thrive.

5- Discussion and exploration around health and wellbeing topics.

Each week, the class focuses on different themes. Sometimes we spend time thinking and talking about how to be kind. Other weeks we create the most gorgeous posters, talking about self love or generosity to others. In the past we’ve explored relaxation techniques, and what to do when you’re feeling angry, nervous or worried. Learning how to cope with such emotions young is great practice leading up to adolescent and adult life.

6- Channelling that Sunday morning energy.

Kids have a lot of energy, because let’s face it, they’re kids. What better way of using, channelling and burning some of that energy than in a yoga class. Yoga brings time for quiet, focus, and personal reflection- but don’t be fooled. We run around, smile, laugh and have all the fun too. Maybe your Sunday afternoon will feel that little less energetic because of it.

7- Bringing focus and intention for the week ahead.

Sunday marks the start of the new week. Each week, likewise in adult classes, children have the opportunity to reflect on the previous week and set intentions for the week ahead.

(Side note, four year olds set the cutest little intentions. Your heart would melt hearing them.)

8- Starting good habits young.

I think we could all aspire in one way or another to being a kind human, setting intentions and practising yoga.

9- Fun!

This point is pretty self explanatory. Whether the child comes through the door pouring bundles of energy or feeling a little nervous, after ten minutes (max, honestly!) I can assure that they will be sharing their smiles, laughs, and giggles with myself and the rest of the group.

10- The Leeds Yoga family.

I think the most rewarding thing for me personally, is seeing the joy that each and every child has towards their self and everybody around them in class. The group of children at Leeds Yoga are the most welcoming, caring, understanding and playful young humans. Whether your child is four years or twelve, the group will welcome your child in with wide arms and open hearts. We have a community of kind, compassionate and loving children growing at Leeds yoga, and we would love for you to join.

Hope to see you there,

Charlotte xx

Join Charlotte each Sunday at 9.30am for Kids Yoga Club!!!

Beginner’s Yoga Workshop Saturday 2nd March 2-4pm

Join us for our beginner’s yoga workshop.
Ideal if you’re starting your yoga journey; in the 2hr programme you will:

  • Learn foundational postures (asanas) and posture groups;
  • Examine the sun salutations and variations;
  • Develop an awareness of alignment and how to safely practice;
  • Delve into the history of yoga;
  • Explore the impact of breath and it’s importance in your yoga practice;
  • Discover basic meditation techniques.
The workshop will help you to develop the confidence to join our weekly drop in classes.
On completion of the workshop you will receive a 20% discount off your first class pass.
£20 for the workshop.
For more details email

Inversions & Arm Balances Fridays 8th & 22nd February 7.30pm

A fortnightly class dedicated to developing the gymnastic based movements of Asana. Whether you are starting out on the journey or have a regular practice, this class will provide you with a mixed mobility approach to strength and flexibility; allowing you to make quality progress towards and feel comfortable within a large variety of hand balance postures.

£10 drop-in or use your class pass.