Floating Into Life – Arm Balance Workshop – Sunday 28th October 2-4pm

By leedsyoga

Join Sam to journey into Arm Balances:

At some point on our journey we are going to experience some discomfort, and though we can’t choose to avoid it we can make the choice as to how we frame it. What really is discomfort; if nothing more than something that is at the edge of what we have grown accustomed to. Through teasing the edges of that which is familiar we create space for us to grow into.

Join us for this afternoon of arm balances; designed to help unlock strength and move into the challenges of our body and mind. In this workshop we will go through techniques and activation drills to awaken the core and develop awareness. We shall include methods for successfully warming up the wrists and joints, to allow for greater support in our balances.

There will be space at the end for Q & A, along with a chance to receive guidance on balances you may be developing.

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