Perfect handstand powered by Plant Calisthenics

Join the Plant Calisthenics team for an informative, fun and explorative journey towards achieving a
confident handstand with quality form and technique.
Plant Calisthenics are a small group of specialised coaches, Yoga teachers, CrossFit coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists with a passion and desire to help individuals learn and understand the principles behind fundamental bodyweight movements such as Handstands, muscle ups and advanced mobility such as splits and back bending. Our coaches are multinational and have experience varying from high level professional football, lecturing In biomechanics, working with Olympic athletes and world champion rugby teams.
Plant Cali have run multiple workshops around the world stretching between the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Thailand and Bali. As of June this year Plant Cali have designed a new workshop format to celebrate the launch of their latest online course ‘Perfect Handstand’
Saturday 20th July 13:00 – 18:00    £50
The workshop will cover:
• Testing for adequate range of motion, and how to address if the tests are a fail.
• Understanding alignment with specific conditioning & postural balance work.
• Teaching the principles along with the progressions that we have found to bring the most success for the development of a free standing handstand.
• Understanding compression and spinal articulation for press to handstand.
• Practice of a variety of handstand holds such as split handstands, hollow backs, tuck handstands and lowers.
The workshop will be taught by multiple coaches so all ability levels are welcome. The workshop is predominantly physical based but during breaks for food and recovery they will be optional theory based lessons for example ‘exercise periodisation for Maximal results’, ‘The biomechanics and physiology of active and passive mobility’ and ‘the foundations of sports nutrition and performance psychology’. These lessons are aimed at improving your practice and understanding of the machine that is the human body, but to reiterate these are not mandatory if you’d prefer to nip away for a quick coffee.
Participants will also get access to our online private calisthenics group as well as discounts on our online courses. Certificates of attendance are available if requested.
Contact and follow the team online for more information.
Head on over to mindbody to ensure your place on this exciting and informative workshop.

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