Co- Director of the space, is there anything this man can't do? Yogi, personal trainer, climber and possibly a secret ninja? Giving the best hugs in Leeds, super kind, bendy and strong. Join Sam for his calm yet dynamic classes.


Co-Director Michelle was traveling in New Zealand when she started her Yoga journey.

She started to discover that yoga was not just about flexibility but the connection between mind, body & spirit that comes with an awareness of breath. Yoga started to change her life and her depressive tendencies started coming to the surface less and less.

Her passion led her to India to spend time over the next few years doing teacher training and study with Trimurti. She is still first and foremost a yoga student and continues to learn through regular workshops and training with her teacher Jason Crandell. She has completed 300hr of advanced study with Jason .

She teaches dynamic styles of yoga influenced by her own practice and studies in India.
She aims for students to develop introspection, an understanding of their own bodies needs and to accept themselves as they are in each class.


Kathryn has been practicing yoga since 2009. Over the years what started as a weekly Iyengar class in a church hall has developed into a way of life. Discovering Ashtanga yoga while living in London, she was drawn to the dynamic yet meditative feel of the practice and found it a great remedy to the hectic style of London life.

Kathryn completed her Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist and Amanda Denton in 2015 and will be forever grateful for the knowledge, principles and energy they shared in her years spent practicing with them.

Kathryn has had the privilege to practice under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois in London, 2015 and at KPJAYI in Mysore, India in 2016. Since moving back to Leeds she continues to develop her yoga practice, learning lots from Joey Miles.

Kathryn teaches Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles of yoga, she believes that yoga is for everyone and provides an open, encouraging and inclusive space in which all students can learn


Lovely Alex is fast becoming Yogini of the year as far as we are concerned. Super positive, bubbly and mum of two, you will love her classes. We don't know where she gets her energy from but we all want a bit of it!! She loves Ashtanga Yoga so you can expect a fun and playful exploration of postures in her Ashtanga Fusion class.


Amy began yoga to become more flexible for sport, and to prevent injuries. Over time she noticed a huge benefit in posture and flexibility, yet also noticed a calmer, less anxious state of mind!
Amy wanted a way to pass this to others, and went on to complete her 250hr training at the Yoga Space leeds, where she first fell in love with yoga.
Amy is currently completing her 500hr hour training in Dharma yoga, a practice she has found to deepen her own experience of yoga, and her teaching.
Outside of yoga practice Amy still competes and trains for Olympic weightlifting, enjoys climbing and believes yoga practice to be such a complement and foundation to anything you choose to enjoy!


Gemma was introduced to yoga as a child through her mother, she went on to continue experimenting with yoga throughout her time at University in Sheffield and Cambridge. She discovered it to be an excellent tool for dealing with the stress of University and helping herself to become more self-aware. Upon graduating, she moved to Leeds where she became invested in the yoga community, completed her first yoga teacher training and then her kids and teen yoga teacher training. Since then Gemma has been teaching yoga across Leeds in studios, gyms and the community. Gemma has a passion for using yoga to inspire confidence and encourage people to get active whilst combating stress and learning about themselves. When she’s not on the mat, you’ll find her up a climbing wall or with her head nestled in a good book.


Claire has been practicing yoga since 2001. She started attending a weekly Iyengar class after moving to London and was completely hooked from the start. She remembers leaving class with a clear head, springy limbs and feeling light as air. In 2003, she decided to try out an Ashtanga class and so began a lifelong love affair with the practice.
In 2009, she became a student of Joey Miles and has maintained a regular practice under his guidance ever since.
In 2017, she completed the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance accredited Triyoga Teacher Training Programme under the expert tuition of Joey Miles and Anna Ashby (Asana), Carlos Pomeda (Philosophy), Chris Swain and Andrew McGonigle (Anatomy and Physiology).
Claire has a keen interest in anatomy and a fascination with the innate power of the breath to support movement, unwind tension and aid our physical and emotional wellbeing, which she incorporates into her classes. She aims to make her classes welcoming and accessible with sequences designed to build strength and flexibility and ultimately leave her students feeling relaxed and energised.
Claire teaches a strong, dynamic Hatha yoga and Ashtanga with an emphasis on alignment and mindful, breath-led movement. Her classes include a balance of precision and flow and her teaching is inspired by her own experience, practice and yoga heritage.


Kayla came to yoga through a desire to do more for her mind and body. Practising for years as a private student with a Hatha teacher, Kayla wanted to understand more about yoga’s philosophy. So, in 2015 Kayla completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga Haven. Since then she has taught Hatha and Vinyasa regularly and in 2017 Kayla did her Restorative yoga teacher training in Tokyo, Japan at Sun and Moon, an amazing studio run by Leza Lowitz.

When out of the studio Kayla loves studying astronomy, travelling and reading.

Kayla’s classes suit all abilities. She has a really soothing ‘no pressure’, informal but encouraging teaching style and she can always help you adjust postures to your needs.


Sibylle found her way in to yoga Asana practice in 2008 after a rather hard and challenging accident. She found herself diving deeper into the magnificence of yoga, unfolding the layers of pranayama and meditation and has never since left it.

She has been lucky enough to learn and receive guidance from some truly amazing teachers (Shiva Rea, Cameron and Melayne Shane, Julia and Pascal Weiß, Collette Davis, Sandra Amtman and many more).
She completed her Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher Training in 2017.

She feels yoga is a thoroughly wonderful guide through challenging times, even more through life in general. Her own experience has deeply informed her teaching. Sibylle wishes for you to rediscover your natural rhythm of life and reconnect with your inner teacher, your breath.

Whether you're completely new or already deep into your practice you'll find what you wish within her classes. The particular wave sequencing allows to meet different levels where they need to be met.


From a young age Peter has been practicing meditations at Dharma centres which lead him onto yoga. Whilst practicing, he found the union between the breath and Asana(poses), increased his awareness of his inner spirituality and external environments
In the last 5 years of his life, he has worked within the mental health sector, where yoga is beneficial in assisting the day to day pressures of working life. He found that yoga helped him to manage this stress and strengthen his core being.

Since training and achieving a certified vinyasa qualification, Lefkada (Greece), he has furthered his practice with a combination of meditative dynamics and fluid movements. He finds vinyasa beneficial for the mind and body to work in harmony.


Sophie is a Hatha Yoga teacher as well as a contemporary dancer with professional training and experience in somatic practices.
The notion of curiosity is a key part of Sophie’s practice; the ever-changing body meeting the ever-changing world and all of those spaces in between!
Sophie's classes are based on a strong belief that Yoga is a highly physical and highly intelligent art - but most importantly, it is fun and can be also deeply relaxing.
Each class will invite you to explore and deepen your understanding of moving in coordination with the breath as a means to strengthen and stabilise the body on and off the mat. You can expect to be challenged physically but also soulfully in a safe, supportive and friendly space!


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