We are interested in you and why you practice yoga? Who have we met this week? Meet our Yogis and Yoginis.

Our yoga community is very important to us and every week we will be finding out about our students and sharing their stories about yoga and why they do it. Follow us on Instagram @leedsyoga where we will be encouraging local Leeds folk to strike a pose and give yoga a try. Do you work in the city centre? Sam and Kathryn will be on the prowl the week beginning the 15th May and would love to come and yoga your office!! Email us and claim a staff discount for classes. We just need a photo or two.


Our favourite pose of the week- What is this good for? Alignment tips, how to do it.

Navasana- Boat Pose

This one is fantastic for strengthening your core, your back and your psoas. Balance on your sit bones and lift up through the spine, squeezing the legs together. Try and bring your rib cage to your thighs and hold it. Keep lifting the rib cage up and don’t let your boat sink! You want to really feel this in your upper abs. Keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t strain through the neck. Once you’ve got this work towards straightening the legs. this is one of our favourite poses so you can expect to do it in most of our classes!!


Delicious healthy vegan and veggie recipes from Smoothies and cakes to energy bites.. You are what you eat and don’t we know it.

Anytime Choc Boost

This is pretty much my go to smoothie. Nutritious, filling and sweet I reach for this one after practice. It stops those sugar cravings and you can pretty much throw anything in from raw nuts to goji berries. whatever takes your fancy. You need a good blender such as a nutri bullet or nutri ninja. Kids love this.. just don’t tell them about the spinach!!! This recipe makes two.

1 handful of spinach

1 banana

1 tblsp of almond butter

2 tsp of flax, hemp, sunflower seed mix

600ml of almond milk

1 tblsp of cacoa powder

A squirt of agave to sweeten