Yoga:Focus chatauranga Saturday 23rd February 12.30pm

Join Michelle once a month to develop specific postures, such as back bends and inversions, that you don’t always have time to flesh out in regular classes.

If you don’t know where to start, lack confidence, find restrictions or difficulty with this pose, Michelle will lead you through an alignment focused class aimed at developing and improving the focus pose.
There will be ways to access and improve whatever your starting point.

This month we will look at chatauranga dandasana or four limbed staff pose. Used so often in vinyasa yoga but often done rushed or with poor alignment.

We’ll take time to look at :
*the actions of the pose
*ways to start practicing it
*building strength to keep shoulders happy and healthy.

“Any amount of the pose is still the pose” Jason Crandell

£10 drop-in or use your class pass.


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